May 2022 Internet of Production Alliance Newsletter

May 26, 2022


OKW Award Winner Updates

Open Street Map Uganda (OSM)

This month, the OSM team concluded an exercise of mapping over 400 manufacturing points with over 800 machines in Uganda. They targeted large, medium and small-scale manufacturing facilities across several regions, to boost local manufacturing and supply.

David Castilla

David has embarked on a journey to map manufacturing points within Latin America. The strategy includes extracting manufacturing points from existing databases and following up with. This process will be ongoing over the next months, the current data has been collected from the Chamber of Commerce and several maker associations.

Did you miss it? Internet of Production webinar at the Global Digital Development Forum. “Design anywhere, manufacture here - exploring local manufacturing platforms”

The Global Digital Development Forum returned on May 5th. Organizations like Makerko, Juakali Smart and the Virtual Factory Network dove into a conversation on local design to manufacturing platforms, where they discussed challenges, they face and made a case for supporting local platforms in an age of global solutions.

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Appropedia designs an OSHWA Certification tool

In partnership with OSHWA, Appropedia is building an OSHWA certification tool. The OSHWA Certification is a validation of documentation that meets the open hardware definition. This provides a straightforward way for producers to show that their products meet a uniform and well-defined standard for open-source compliance. It is beneficial to those considering commercializing open hardware through one of the many proven open hardware business models.

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🗿 OPEN!NEXT Judgement Day 🗿

After two eventful years, the OPEN!NEXT consortium has managed to develop a variety of tools to support Open-Source Hardware (OSH). OPEN!NEXT would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join the upcoming online workshop to validate with practitioners the extent to which these tools are helpful for OSH developers and find blind spots that need improvement.

These workshops will be virtual. After testing, you can have a few virtual drinks at the Open Hardware Happy Hour (O3H)!

To register, please send a brief "I'm in!"

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2nd Pop-Machina webinar “Circular Maker City: The role of makerspaces in the urban environment”

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SCILLS Grant Program

The Internet Society Foundation is designed to fund initiatives that strengthen the Internet in function and reach so that it can effectively serve all people. SCILLS will open for statements of interest in Brazil, Ghana and Indonesia between June 13 and July 5, and decisions are anticipated in late September. Grants of up to $250,000 USD will be awarded to eligible organizations for projects lasting 24 months.

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#Tech4Good Bounty Program: Open-Source Hardware sponsorship for Carbon Neutrality, Environmental Conversation, and other SDG projects

This is an all-year-round open-source hardware sponsorship program that has been launched to support SDG projects. This year the #Tech4good Bounty Program will focus on 7 SDGs that focus on carbon neutrality. Climate change, environmental conservation, wildlife protection, sustainable cities and communities as well as sustainable food production.

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