Open Know-How Processes Working Group Meeting

Mar 23, 2022

OKH Processes WORKING GROUP MEETING 22.3.18. Minutes 


Max Wardeh 

Antonio Anaya 

Kaspar Emanuel 

Julian Stirling 

Ronald Tumuhairwe 


  1. Welcome 
  2. Scope &objectives of the Working Group (WG) 
  3. Review of current tools, platforms and resources (either in this meeting or as an action point) 
  4. Next steps: action points, timeline 


- Action Ronald: Contact Open Know-Where (OKW) working group chair (Anna) to delegate someone from OKW to join the processing working group. 

- Action Max: Discussion with Andrew about the Discourse considerations. 


  1. Scope & objectives of the WG 
  • Agreed that this working group will address overall processes for the IOPA standards, not only for the OKH discoverability standard. 
  • The working groups should be 'working in the open' - information is readily available and accessible to the public. Will need to set up tools and platforms accordingly. 

This is to allow people interested in following the conversation about the processes related to developing and managing the standards, even if they are not directly involved in creating or managing them. 

Review of current tools, platforms and resources (either in this meeting or as an action point) 

  • Slack is a closed channel for communication, and we should consider a more open communication channel. 

Change Requests
Two types of requests 
  • Informal requests ('this is what I would like to change', 'have you made the changes') 
  • Formal requests 
  • To be decided if PubPub comments are a suitable channel for submission and response 

Requests discussions 
We explored these questions: 
  • Via what channels can requests be submitted? 
  • What is the triage / discussion / approval / rejection process? How does this process differ for different standards? 
  • How do we track comments with no information being lost? 

      •  Processes to point people in the right way 

Possible pathways to creating robust systems 
  • Coming up with FRC processes for request management. 
  • Development of guidelines for requests. 
  • Set expectations on how best to engage with us (standards). 
  • Create a backlog management flow of issues.  

Document versions

A discussion was held on possible processes for managing the versioning of standards and the process for agreeing on the release of new versions. It was agreed that the working group will focus its work on the need to draft a proposed process for the respective standards' maintenance working groups to review. 

Brainstorm: Possible platforms for issue management formal /informal change requests? 

  • Gitter 
  • Zulip 
  • Discourse 
  • Gitlab 

Next steps: action points, timeline 

  • Research the suitability of Pubpub public comments as a channel for receiving and managing change requests 
  • Creating a test community on PubPub for this WG to use to experiment with the available features 
  • Weekly meetings (Max and Kaspar) on how experimenting with different processes 
  • Create/set up a Discourse forum to allow for 'open searchability without having to register on the platform 
  • Start creating a draft for a proposed change request management process for the respective standards' maintenance working groups to review 
  • Follow-up on Discourse payment plan with IOPA Chair (Andrew) 
  • Contact the Open Know-Where (OKW) Working Group chair (Anna) to identify someone to join the Processing working group.