mAkE is African-European wide consortium project focusing on makerspaces as key drivers for local digital innovation. It aims at establishing mutual relationships and sustainable networks between African and European Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs).

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The mAkE Concept

The core concept of mAkE is to equip African and European hardware makerspaces and their members with relevant skills, infrastructures and regulation to support local businesses in implementing local digital innovation.

Collaboration is the key

Internet of Production is helping these makerspaces collaborate and scale up to become financially sustainable. By enabling decentralized, local manufacturing we create new local value chains and business models.

Specifications, tools and systems

Maker Passport

A specification for identifying people and skills will be developed, which will form the prototype of a Maker Passport.

Specification for Skills

Map of Machines

500 makerspaces and local manufacturers across Africa and Europe will be added to the Internet of Production global map of machines.

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Distributed Contracting

A report on the requirements for distributed contracting will be published, a template for a distributed contract will be tested and a digital distributed system will be prototyped.


People and Skills Specification (PSS) on PubPub
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World map of machines developed under Open Know-Where
Map of machines
Webinar series on Business Models
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Open Catalogue of Business Models
Open catalogue

Links, videos and files

People and Skills

Slides include information on upcoming community events. Research and Community Engagement Lead Sarah Hutton is joined by community experts, how the standard is being tested in the Innovative Manufacturing in Africa program, the mAkE Consortium project, and how community members can get involved in contributing to a community-led initiative to further develop this standard and accompanying outreach. To view a recording of the community call on the IOP YouTube channel, visit:

People and Skills

The People and Skills Specification provides a structure for verifying the skills and experiences that are needed to make a specific thing, by providing a shared taxonomy of skills and experiences and a framework for the recognition of this knowledge. This supports not only the ability to locate the expertise and skills needed to make a thing - it also gives individual makers the capability to signal their experiences and skills to potential employers, collaborators, and policy makers. This 1-page pdf flyer provides a brief overview of the spec, as well as links for people to get engaged in the ongoing development and application of People and Skills.