Open Know-Where


What you need to know where to make things.

Open Know-Where is defining a mapping standard for documenting and sharing information about the location of manufacturing facilities and capabilities globally.

This initiative is particularly interested in the accessibility of knowledge relating to making things useful in humanitarian and development situations. The specification is designed to be adopted by anyone who collects or shares data about manufacturing capabilities, including government, non government organisations (NGOs), aid agencies, mapping communities, makers and platforms.

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Specification goals

Make it easier to discover mapping initiatives and mapping requirements within the Maker community.

Improve discovery and accessibility

Improve the discovery of manufacturing facilities, equipment and capabilities within the manufacturing industry and maker communities.

Support networking

Enable someone who wants to access a manufacturing facility to discover who they should be contacting. Improve relationships and collaboration between users and networks.

Enable curation

Enable better curation and management of data and tools to extract the maximum value from it, so it can be collated, organised, queried and filtered.

Channels and resources

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