Bali Fab Fest: Designing Emergent Realities

Oct 22, 2022
Oct 22, 2022

Bali Fab Fest brings global networks of digital fabrication, green technologies, and digital innovation together with Bali’s local innovation ecosystem under the theme ‘Designing Emergent Realities’.

Andrew Lamb and Anna Sera Lowe will both represent the IOP at this years Fab City event in Bali, Indonesia.

Below are the various topics of discussion, timings and dates of the event.

Saturday, October 15th:
Introducing mAkE - A project for the African & European makerspace ecosystem by Anna Lowe

Sunday, October 16th: 17:00-18:00
Humanitarian Making - The state of the art of Humanitarian Making around the world, its implications for local resilience and tools for its future by Andrew Lamb

Tuesday October 18th: 10:35-10:40
Making a map of all the world's machines by Andrew Lamb.
Talk: Global panel: Co-creating a Decentralized Network for Future Manufacturing By Anna Lowe

Thursday, October 20th:
The Open Know-How workshop is on 20th

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