Open Know-How Adoption Working Group Meeting

Apr 12, 2022

Open Know-How Adoption Working Group meeting


OKH – Open Know-How
WG – Working group


Working Group (WG):

André Lehmann 
Excused: Emilio Velis


Max Wardeh

Ronald Tumuhairwe

Barbara Schack  


1. Introduction
2. Reminder of previous working group’s scope and progress
3. Brainstorm on the renewed scope

Action points by next meeting:

  1. Within the DAPSI research plan, interview initial adoption WG members – Sarah Hutton
  1. Create a research plan – Sarah Hutton, Barbara Schack
  1. Review guides: make an editable version, and send it to the OKH group with one month to edit. (Ronald, Max)


1. Introductions

2. Reminder of the scope and progress of the initial working group:

  • The initial OKH WG focused on: getting the first set of users and designs from within the working group community
  • The main questions were around:  

                   i.     Tooling and motivations for people to use OKH

                   ii.    The 2options for manifest creation: built-in a platform vs. manual

                   iii.    Brainstorm on the renewed scope of Adoption of WG

An analysis of the previous metrics was made:

Metric : 50 manifests from the Warsaw Group by 1st December 2019 - Comments - Done

Metric: Publish an article on OKH in the Journal of Open Hardware. (JOHW). To have something structured and written. Many OKH members are in Open-Source academia. - Comments: Is JOHW still the right journal to publish in? As other standards have been published or are under preparation, it could be more interesting to make a broader publication than a focused one on OKH

Metric: Consult platforms to get a thumbs up (“market research”) - Comments: Appropedia, Field Ready, Makernet. More were identified, this work should be picked up again.


Tooling that makes OKH directly useful:
  • Where to put the manifests, can repositories and libraries be compiled
What metrics for adoption?
  • Number of manifests
  • Segmentation (linked to the work on the search engine?)
       -  Segmentation of those numbers: theme, academic, open hardware...
       -  Segmentation by creation: manual vs. platform generated
  • Tracking the search engine (key words, where from, increase in use (growth over time) ...)
  • Use of search engine as first tool that makes use of the OKH manifests
  • # platforms that have the/a search engine using OKH
Market research:
  • State of OKH to date
      -  Number of manifests
       -  Who uses is  
      -  Who doesn’t use it yet and why
  • Review of the platforms of interest and renew partnership building  
Creating adoption support documents:
  • Video 3 minutes on how-to/what is OKH
  • Review user guides: ensure the process is smooth and up to date  

Next meeting: May 10th, 14:00 UTC