A Maker's Journey Into Data Science by Antonio Anaya

May 5, 2023

Collaborating on projects such as seawater purification in Greece, auto part manufacturing in Iraq using recycled plastic, and developing sensors for agriculture in France, led me to ask the question: where can I find the right machines, materials, or experts for a specific project?

In 2022, I was tasked with developing mapping for IOP's Open Know-Where (OKW) work stream. OKW brings together different initiatives to standardize data and make it useful for small to medium-scale production, rapid response teams, education, and the restoration of supply chains. As DevOps and technical lead of OKW, I have developed software with interesting algorithms and participated in contests to engage the community in global mapping efforts, especially in developing countries with low digitization.

To learn more and be part of this exciting experience join us on May 12th and 13th at the National Arts Center, Mexico City.

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