Community Call: Open Know-How DAPSI ROUND 2

November 9, 2022

Join Us for the Internet of Production Alliance’s Next Community Call:

Wednesday November 9th
12:30-13:30 UTC

During the November Community Call, Technical Lead Max Wardeh and Sarah Hutton will discuss the research findings and tooling development work resulting from continued progress on use cases for the OKH standard, and Andrew Lamb will be a part of the conversation as we discuss next steps for this R&D, and what is on the horizon for the IoPA.

This ongoing research and development, funded by the Sloan Foundation and NGI DAPSI, is in support of decentralized publishing and data conversion and mapping. During the call we will discuss the main developments accomplished over the course of DAPSI P2:

  • OKH Project Porter: prototype tool to allow users to extract project files from target platforms to their own devices.
  • OKH Solid App: enables makers to use the “Open Know-How” open data standard to transfer files from target platforms for decentralised storage in Solid Pods.

Criteria for a proof of concept and test cases were identified for data validation/conversion and mapping via survey research with maker community members; this data collection and analysis informed our understanding of maker ‘must-haves’ for a prototype, covering multiple characteristics of documentation types, schematics, file formats, and preferred storage platforms.

The goal of this tooling is to provide makers the ability to convert the data and files held on various platforms to a format that allows them to either store all affiliated project data and files locally on their devices, or in a decentralised manner by porting it to a Solid Pod 1.

These tools also enable makers to share their work easily with others by sending an OKH project manifest file rather than all of the project files. User testing of the developed MVP tools was carried out and the resulting feedback will be used to further develop and refine these solutions.

We look forward to sharing this progress with you, and continuing conversations with the community!

Watch here