Electronics Component (IOP-EC) Scoping Report‍

January 2, 2023

IOP-EC Report

The report, to share learnings from IoPA research that would inform the development of an electronics repairability standard and propose new concepts is now available on PubPub!

Find it here:

https://standards.internetofproduction.org/pub/iop-ec-report-nov-2022/release/2 2

Firstly, a huge thanks to all the participants of the research project so far. Your insight has been brought us a little closer to tackling e-waste by improving repairability of electronics. Please share your comments and feedback on the report with the community and share our research findings too.

SAVE THE DATE - 8th February 2023

We’d like to invite you to a community call, where we will turn a spotlight onto this work and rally a community around this project. Stay tuned in IoPA social media channels for an update.

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