mAkE at Maker Faire Barcelona — a hub of hubs by Andrew Lamb

September 16, 2022

As centers for the maker community, Innovation Hubs foster the growth and development of maker movements. When considering European hubs for digital hardware innovation, Barcelona stands out. In this article.

Andrew Lamb takes us through his perspective on innovation hubs as hubs for the growth maker movement.

"There are certain places on this planet that have pioneered the hardware digital innovation hubs that we call “makerspaces”. Moreover, these cities (and they are usually cities) have become hubs for the growth of the maker movement, helping it to thrive and to flourish. They are to hardware today what ‘Silicon Valley’ was to software in the 1970s. In Asia, they include Shenzhen, Seoul and Cebu. In the Americas, they include Boston, San Francisco and Santiago. In Africa, they include Nairobi, Kumasi and Cairo. In Europe, Barcelona stands out. But I had never seen the maker movement in Barcelona for myself. So I was delighted when Maker Faire Barcelona invited me to speak about the mAkE project there last weekend."

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