OKW Manufacturing World Map Data Awards, Awardees

March 23, 2023

Open Know-Where (OKW)  was launched in April 2021 as a metadata standard to document and share information about the location of manufacturing facilities and capabilities globally. The OKW Data Awards provide financial support for projects that integrate existing datasets or collect new data related to the mapping of manufacturing capabilities. Round 1 of the OKW Data Awards provided the experience of applying the standard in community projects, bringing us closer to our goal of OKW as an initiative to help map manufacturing facilities and machinery for use in decentralized manufacturing.  

Our objective for 2022-24 is to map at least 150,000 points of interest (i.e.: facilities and machinery), under the OKW initiative. This mapping, in addition to benefiting community makers in finding where to produce items, will enable us to develop a key part of the infrastructure for the distributed production of hardware: a global map of facilities, machines, and tools, based on shared open data and open APIs.  

We are excited to announce recipients of the R2 OKW Manufacturing World Map Data Awards. The recipients of this award have demonstrated exceptional skills and expertise in applying OKW to the mapping of manufacturing facilities and machinery in support of the global community.

Mapping Manufacturing Capabilities Across Nigeria  

Team Member(s)

BOLAJI AKOREDE (he/him) - Team Lead  

Bolaji is a human physiologist and collective intelligence analyst by training with more than 3 years of experience.
He has been involved in various volunteering activities, including enlightening citizens about their civil duties and their right to good healthcare delivery.

ABDULWASIU TIAMIYU (he/him) - Technical lead  

Abdulwasiu is a senior developer with over 2 years of work experience in E-commerce and corporate firms. He also enjoys making data-driven decisions to help individuals and organizations grow accustomed to using data.  

SULEIMAN ABDULSALAM (he/him) - Project Coordinator  

The project coordinator, Suleiman, has been in the position for more than 2 years. He has previous experience volunteering with the Nigerian Social Investment Program. He is skilled in social entrepreneurship and has a passion for human-centered development.  

OLUWATOBI (O'GREAT) FAKOYA (he/him) - Quality Assurance Specialist  

Oluwatobi is a Quality Assurance Specialist with over 3 years of work experience. He is responsible for monitoring, inspecting and proposing measures to correct and improve edu4all products in order to meet established quality standards.  

Project Description

Edu4all will be aggregating data from different manufacturing firms operating in different sectors (tool production, industrial and consumer goods, etc.). The team shall endeavor to map the manufacturing capabilities of these firms to understand the industrial landscape in Nigeria.  

Mapping Manufacturing Capabilities of Makerspaces in Greece  

Team Member(s)  
Spyros Nompilakis (he/him) – Project Lead  

Spyros holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA.  After working for some years as a patent engineer, he got fascinated by OSH and put his energy into promoting it further. He built a Precious Plastic Lab on a Greek island and currently supports Libre Water, an OSH water desalination solution.  

Project Description

The project is about mapping the manufacturing capabilities of makerspaces in Greece, with makerspaces being used as an umbrella term also for hackerspaces and fab labs. This effort will capitalize on Spyro's MBA dissertation on the Greek maker scene and will further enhance and consolidate the data to facilitate decentralized manufacturing in the country.   

Mapping Machinery Capabilities in Cameroon: Yaounde and Doula  

Team Member(s)

Stephane Fadanka (he/him) – Project Lead  

Stephane is an early career researcher based in Cameroon. With a background in Molecular Biotechnology (MSc.) and Biological Analysis (BSc.), he conducted a study to demonstrate the potential of endophytic fungi as biological control agents and source of cheap and environmentally friendly nematicides for the management of two damaging plant-parasitic nematodes: His current research interest includes the screening of novel, cheap and environmentally friendly biologically active compounds from microorganisms and the development of cost-effective and widely accessible plant propagation methods. He is a Researcher with MboaLab in Yaounde, Cameroon.  

Project Description

Two main machinery ecosystems will be mapped in Cameroon: Yaounde (Center region) and Doula (Littoral region), where most of the manufacturing capacity of Cameroon can be found. This work will build upon the pre-established network and collaboration to map specific locations in other regions of the country as well. MboaLab will lead this work with experienced staff who will advise on project coordination and volunteer training and outreach.