Local Manufacturing is Going Global

The Internet of Production Alliance is pleased to invite you to the launch webinar of Open Know-Where, a new open data model to help share data about manufacturing capabilities online.

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April 28th, 2021

Digital maps have made it possible to find stores, restaurants and libraries near you. We are now adding machines to the map!  The Open Know-Where standard helps people to map manufacturing capabilities so that we may “Know Where” something can be made. Imagine searching to find 3D printers near you, to find the specifications of nearby plastics factories or to see the availability of your local makerspace.

What will this mean? Picture the humanitarian health worker preparing for Covid-19 response in a refugee camp: by mapping sewing machines using this standard, we can see just how possible it is to make PPE on site and show what the communities can make for themselves. They will be reached by markets more easily, to able to develop their own livelihoods and less reliant on imports and aid.

This webinar is aimed at anyone who collects or shares data about manufacturing capabilities and where to get something made, or who is looking forward to that data being accessible! including government, manufacturers, trade associations, non-government organizations (NGOs), aid agencies, mapping communities, makers and online maker platforms.

Speakers will present the data model, how it was created and present results from use cases.