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What you need to know how to make things.

Open Know-How is an open data model for sharing hardware designs and documentation online, to know how something can be made. The discoverability standard is in use, and the next phases of its development are portability and interactivity.

With more know-how, more people will make more things. This is how we make it happen…

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Better designs created by all, shared with all. Step-by-step, industry-standard open hardware recipes to recreate, build on, or adapt as required.



Instant instructions to make anything as, when and where needed. Search for open hardware, regardless of where it resides.


Due 2021

Documents publishable in multiple formats. Cohesive data standards that are easy to use, freeing up time to make more things and help more people.


Due 2021

Write once, circulate everywhere. Faster publishing with maximum reach, speeding up research and reproduction.

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